Jerzy Pniewski

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Jerzy Pniewski
Jerzy Pniewski Polish physicist.jpg
Born(1913-06-01)June 1, 1913
DiedJune 16, 1989(1989-06-16) (aged 76)
Known forco-discovered the hypernucleus; discovered hypernuclear isomery
AwardsMarian Smoluchowski Medal (1969)

Jerzy Pniewski (June 1, 1913 – June 16, 1989) was a Polish physicist.

Pniewski was born in Płock.[1] He studied mathematics and physics at the University of Warsaw.

In 1952, he co-discovered the hypernucleus with Marian Danysz. In 1962, he discovered hypernuclear isomery.