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Mike Garcia[edit]

While I'm very impressed with Mike's progress, he is not eligible for Adminship at the present time. He's under Danny's mentorship and I agree with Danny that this RfA is ill-advised and unhelpful at the present time.

The voting has progressed far enough already to see what the outcome would be, and I see no reason for this hurtful process to continue. So, it ends here.

Kindness to others includes maturity and thoughtfulness about not goading people. If you want to raise some issue with Mike's edits, please raise them with me personally or with Danny, and I can assure you that the concerns will be attended to promptly. But don't nominate Mike for admin when it is obvious that he will not win and when it is also obvious that the process will only bring up negatives.

This vote is closed, and the nomination withdrawn.

--Jimbo Wales 00:53, 23 Jan 2005 (UTC)