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Welcome to Guido's World[edit]

Please use horizontal lines sparingly.


Love the Wikipedia way.[edit]

Of life.

Or death in the Edit Wars.

Flay. Slay. Make my Day.

Wiki needs to change, no more rewards for the extremists. Wiki cannot afford to be the refuge of ultra-nationalists, extremists, religious nuts. It is ruining itself through hatreds and inability to manage.

Bold text How about living a bold life. Bold text is not enough. Walk away from your PC NOW and start living it.

Live for the moment but plan for the future.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it then so can you. Ever thought about the injustices of life. Poor old Gray Davis, career politician body-slammed by an actor known for "behaving badly". God bless America, we love it. Go Doogie Hauser you too can reach the Sky.

This is my page for ranting. No allowed elsewhere in wiki except on any page to do with politics, history etc. Try to make them NPOV and get inflamed. It's a jungle out there. But I'm Guido, cousin of Johnny Rambo and associate of the the Man.